For the software section, we focus on making our code documentation industry standard. All of our competition code has javadoc comments as well as standard comments. In addition to a Control Award Submission Sheet, we have an extensive software overview document called the Software Design Document. It describes, in detail and with images, our code structure and content, the code's behavior, what sensors were used and what for, our in-code documentation, and how we deal with version control. The Software Design Document is designed to be a comprehensive and detailed look into our code that doesn't require a judge to know the java programming language in order to understand our software's functions, structure, and features. Secondary to the Software Design Document is our generated code diagrams. We use the free online tool PlantUML to generate state and class diagrams of our code.

Action Spreadsheet





Drive Paths

State Machine Diagram



Class Diagram


Class Diagram without Methods and Variables

Class Diagram with Methods and Variables