League Champions

A lot of hard work and a ton of late nights and the robot came through! Although not without some bad bumps.

After getting our tails handed to us on a platter during meet 2 (rescheduled to after meet 3) and ending up eighth during the match and third overall, we buckled down to knock out some problems.

The major thing that was holding us back was our lack of hanging and the 80 points that was costing us every match compared to everyone else. The mechanism we'd been designing ran into some issues and ended up being unusable. As a last minute resort we ordered a linear slide mechanism from Servo City and built and programmed it in less than a week. The new hanger's maiden test would happen on the battlefield of the championship qualification matches.

Qualification Matches

1) The first match went really bad. The hanger snagged in autonomous and sent the robot jerking all around for thirty seconds, breaking the universal joints (still held to gather with zip-ties from last meet) on the elbow in the process. Teleop was pretty much a pushing game for us. Somehow we won.

2) The second match was murder. Vuforia crashed in init and killed the robot controller app. We were dead in the water for the entire match. Needless to say, we lost that one.

3) The third match went amazing. We replaced the primary phones with our backup phones, found the issue with the hanger, and re-ziptied the elbow joints. Autonomous worked perfectly and teleop went great. Another win.

4) The fourth qualification match went similarly well. We won that one too.

5) The fifth match started out good, but then the robot controller app died half way through teleop leaving us dead on the field and unable to hang. We somehow won that match...with a victory margin 7 points.

At the end of the qualification matches, we ended up being fifth overall.

We were picked as alliance partner by the first ranked team, 11524 Team Name Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Elimination Matches

The first semifinal match went good, nothing broke, but we weren't able to hang in the end, although we did win.

The second semifinal match went good and we won, advancing to the finals.

Both finals matches went perfect for us, although our partners had some trouble, we won both matches, giving our teams the tournament.

During the nail-biting awards ceremony, among other awards, we won the first place Inspire Award! That and being apart of the winning alliance advanced us to Regionals which happens in 2 weeks. We're aiming to work hard over the next two weeks to hit Regionals with everything we have.

Check out the full match recorded by our amazing mentor and alumni Nick!

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