Meet 2

Meet 2. (although, actually our third competition due to rescheduling)

We again had a great time helping out set up and also do inspections. Several teams ran into some issues, but we were able to get them sorted out in time.

The competition part, however, was a struggle. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The first few matches went pretty good, but after that, everything died. One match, the main power cable got wrapped around the arm so that when the arm extended at the end of autonomous, it disconnected the robot from the battery. Next, the phones freaked out and the arm drove itself into the ground, breaking one of the universal joints and sinking that match. Then while we were subsequently investigating why the arm broke, the arm was driven in onto itself and that broke the second universal joint. The final few matches were run with the universal joints held together with zip-ties. We ended up eighth from that meet and overall dropped down to third.

This meet really showed up where our weak points were and gave us some pointed targets to knock out. Watch out world, because Error 404 is going to hit Championship with everything we've got!

Check out the Meet 2 robot runs!

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