Meet 3

It's the second meet of the year and also meet three..... Meet two was delayed due to severe rainstorms and ended up being rescheduled after meet three. Go figure.

Error 404 was rather shorthanded this time with only four team members being able to make the competition. That not withstanding, we helped out conduct inspections as well as training members of the Pearland FRC team to do inspections.

We had a lot of fun at the robot runs despite the robot not performing terribly well. Thankfully the arm itself held up really well, but we were having connection problems and the gamepad controlling the arm would consistently disconnect from the robot, forcing the chassis drive to switch back and forth between the chassis and arm on his gamepad until the arm gamepad would reconnect. Obviously we didn't do terribly well in the runs and ended up fourth for the meet, although we're still first in the league thanks to our meet one performance.

The competition was an excellent live-fire test for the almost totally untested robot and gave us clear direction about where we needed to focus in the coming weeks.

Check out the Meet 3 robot runs!


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