First competition of the year! The Pearland Junior High West teams are league hosts this year and we're helping them set up and run everything as this is their first year. We helped teach the volunteers how to do do field and robot inspections and Coach, Mr. Lee, Mr. Tate, Mr Bell, and Mr. Belbas aided as refs, scorekeepers, and admin.

Before the opening ceremonies, Andrew and Ben were able to sneak off to a practice field and were able to finish the autonomous, successfully incorporating the mark deposit servo move. After that, Andrew and Ben spent most of the rest of the first half of the day helping other teams with programming problems.

The matches went great. We got first place. The autonomous worked every time and the drivers got valuable practice driving the arm. Watch all of our Meet 1 robot runs here.

The scouting team also got good practice scouting opposing teams and our alliance partners. We realized that it is really important to know ahead of time where our alliance partners are going to go in autonomous and how consistent they are at completing their autonomous.

#Programming #FIRSTCommunity

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