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For the past several years, Error 404 and San Jacinto College have partnered to provide two annual series of FTC workshops for free to the public and this year San Jac once again graciously allowed us to use their facilities once again. The workshops spanned three days and in this first grouping of workshops this year, we covered beginning programming, beginning CAD, outreach, and project management. Team Name Wanted presented on the Engineering Notebook and the Redstone Warriors gave a workshop on what to expect in judging and how to prepare for it.


Andrew and Ben gave the programming workshops. They covered the entire spectrum from downloading and installing Android Studio and setting up the phones to running and modifying basic teleop and autonomous programs. By the end of the workshops, every single team had a test robot up and running and was able to edit their autonomous program.


Joel and Zach gave the CAD portions of the workshop. They worked the class through the different CAD tools out there and why Error 404 uses Fusion 360 and then went onto making a gusset: starting with the sketch, proper dimensioning, extruding, making holes both in and out of the sketch plane, fillets, and making engineering drawings of a finished part. They even went a little bit into animations, rendering, proper naming conventions for parts, and tips about how to organize all of your parts.


We had Matthew, one of our Alumni, return to teach this class. He first covered why outreach is important and then how Error 404 approaches outreach. He talked about the different sections that teams can do outreach in and how to properly document that outreach.

Project Management:

Lastly, Coach Belbas spent about thirty minutes running over Agile Project Management. Houston-based company, Enaxis Consulting, partnered with us last season to create an Agile project management system for FIRST robotics teams. Now we are releasing it to the public and providing workshops on how to use it.

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