Visiting Schneider Electric

Error 404 (and two 404 Alumni) along with fellow ASSiST team, the FLL Thunderbolts (and one KarateBot!), was able to visit Schneider Electric where we were able to present to a large group of Schneider engineers and their kids.

We had an awesome time talking all about FIRST and robotics alongside the Thunderbolts. We gave our normal presentation that we use in judging, but with the added benefit of powerpoint slides. Before launching into the robot and the notebook, we talked about the Relic Recovery game field and how FTC works. Interestingly, when we mentioned that we use Agile project management, the guys at Schneider said that they used Agile too, which was awesome!

After the presentation, we drove Gar-E around and showed off all of its mechanisms until the battery died. Then it was back onto the cart with him so everyone could crowd around and ask questions. The Schneider engineers were very interested in how we utilized 3D printing, 2D routing, carbon fiber tubing, and a design-first philosophy in building Gar-E.

We weren't there just to give a presentation, however. During lunch, Mr. Dalton gave us a presentation on what Schneider Electric does and showed us a a test version of their Triconex SIS (Safety Instrumented System). We were then treated to a tour of their bays where we got to see the full size versions (so cool).

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