Router at Jacobs

The team travelled to our long time sponsor Jacobs Engineering to brush up/learn how to use their cnc router. Mark is our router specialist and Zach has had some exposure, but the rest of us had never used the router at all, so it was an excellent learning opportunity.

Mr. Bell gave us a brief introduction to the machine and then we transitioned to prepping a part to be cut. Mark took us all through the various steps of importing a file in Vcarve and setting the part up to be routed (there are so many options!).

Once the part was processed and the various cut paths given the wanted specifications, we trooped on over to the workshop to cut the piece. We planned on cutting plastic and aluminum, but ended up only having time to do the plastic as we ran into some issues that were happily resolved (yay, problem solving!).

Zeroing the X, Y, and Z coordinates in preparation for the cut:

Cutting out the Gusset:

Check out Jacobs Engineering here!


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