CAD with 404

In preparation for upcoming FTC workshops this summer, Coach Belbas and our most experienced CAD people (Joel and Zach -- Mark is working on sponsor gifts) have been taking the rest of 404 (and a guest, Ben) through the basics of CAD.

We started with designing a gusset, then making an engineering drawing of that gusset, putting text on our gusset, and making renderings of the gussets (that's a lot of gusset). Coach then printed our personalized gussets on our 3D printer for us (shoutout to PolyPrinter for loaning us their excellent PolyPrinter-229 3D printer for the season).

But just making a gusset is no fun. What's the point of making something if you can't put it together? Assemblies here we come! Everyone made a basic T assembly and then went home with instructions to get creative.... We're all homeschoolers on a robotics team.... you've been warned.

Check out PolyPrinter here!

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