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We had the privilege of being able to join fellow ASSiST team, the FLL Thunderbolts, in their visit to present at and tour Houston Mechatronics. Houston Mechatronics is a robotics and engineering company here in Houston that focuses on solving problems for other companies in new and innovative ways (usually with an awesome robot!).

Thanks to Mr. Ondler for the amazing tour!

Thunderbolts did the heavy lifting on the presentation (they were the ones invited) and talked about FIRST, FLL, and their own unique project challenges and robots designs. We then gave a brief outline of FTC and how it differs from FLL and what some of the unique challenges and opportunities of FTC are. We also talked about the many different areas in FTC and how the team worked.

After the presentation, Mr. Ondler (President and CEO of Hou. Mech.) gave us a tour of their workspace and high-bay and showed us several of the projects that they are currently working on. We had a ton of fun seeing Mechatronics' workspace and all the neat projects going on there.

We experienced first hand the real world process of multiple iterations with Mechatronics' ongoing work on a pipe inspection robot and their wall of snakes.

In the high-bay we also got to look at a giant pair of aqua arms that Mechatronics is developing to fix things deep under water. These all electric arms are designed to fold up inside a sleek outer shell that lets them travel long distances underwater for long periods of time and then unfold to fix a problem or do maintenance.

Real life transformers!

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