Electronics Overview - 411 With 404

Alright, it's finally here! After an entire FIRST season of the Electronics Overview slot on the Phones/Electronics page of 411 With 404 proudly displaying a "coming soon" message, the actual video has arrived!

Now please keep in mind that this footage was filmed before the 2017-18 season and therefore several points made in the video regarding control systems are now inaccurate.

As of now the REV control system is the primary control system in FIRST rather than the Modern Robotics control system (hallelujah!). The Modern Robotics control system is still allowed, but FIRST will no longer be supporting it with software updates.

Also the list of allowable phones may fluctuate over time so make sure to check in the Part 1 rules section and on the official FIRST blog posts for the official lists of allowed electronics.


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