No errors here! St Louis, here we come!

WOW. We went to Super Regionals this past week in San Antonio Texas and had an absolute blast. We did very well in Judging and we were able to win most of our robot runs. All our work on our engineering notebook paid off, as we won the Think award and got a golden ticket to move on to Worlds in St Louis Missouri. Please check out our Gofundme page and consider donating to help us get there. Our Gofundme page is linked here: Error 404 Robotics Gofundme . Thank you!


Out of the 126 teams that are going to worlds, we will be competing with teams from Australia, Czech Republic, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, and, of course, the USA. Also, two of our team members are Dean's List Finalists (Enrico Bernal and Nick Belbas) and will be honored there.

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