The purpose of the notebook is to do two things: tell your team's story and to pretty much detail how your robot was built. This is encapsulated in the notebook, but also makes its way to other aspects of the competition. The pit needs to be almost a miniature notebook itself. Using the displays and handouts in the pit, you need to be able to effectively communicate your story and your robot to a judge who has never seen your notebook or your judging presentation. 

We accomplish this by incorporating large display boards and screens with looped powerpoint presentations and videos into our pit. We also have a small booklet that we hand out only to judges. This booklet has around ten pages and details our team, the critical modules of the robot, and our outreach. We also kept a binder in our pit with CAD renderings and choice selections from the notebook that we can show the judges that come by. All of this comes together to let us replicate the notebook and our team's story for each and every judge that comes by.