Error 404 would like to extend a GIGANTIC error-free thank you to all of our amazing mentors...and you too, coach :)

Coach - Clarissa Belbas
Mentor Since September 2014

Clarissa has a BS in mechanical engineering from SD School of Mines and Technology and an MS in mechanical engineering from University of Houston.  From 1988-1992, she worked for Rockwell Space Operations and NASA in the shuttle program, Payload Operations.  After receiving her MSME from University of Houston, she worked 12 years for Amoco and BP in a variety of positions such as project management, mechanical engineering specialist, and inspection engineering specialist.  Since 2004, she has been a homeschool mom teaching a variety of science classes in the homeschool co-ops.  She has been involved with robotics for 7 years in a variety of programs including FLL, FTC, FRC, Ecobot, and VEX.  In 2014, after failing to find a high school robotics team for her son, Clarissa started Error 404 and the rest is history.  In 2015, she founded ASSiST (Advancing STEM for Students in South Texas), a nonprofit TX corporation that helps FIRST teams with fundraising and networking.

What do you enjoy most about robotics?  I enjoy coaching the team members and mentoring them to develop their technical skills.

What is your favorite memory in robotics?

Hearing the team be called for Think Award at the SuperRegionals in 2016 knowing that meant we won a ticket to the World Championship.

What are your interests outside of robotics? Gardening, Bible study.

What are your future goals? Continue coaching Error 404 at least for 2 seasons.  After that…?????   Continue running the nonprofit ASSiST to help other teams and expand the STEM outreach.

Something unique or quirky?  Nothing - I’m perfectly normal and boring.  :)

Timothy Plew
Mentor Since September 2014

Tim Plew obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from the Department of Engineering at Texas Tech University.  He spent five years working for Lockheed Martin as a computer programmer on the space shuttle program.  For the past 18 years Tim has worked for Boeing as a software developer providing support for the space station.  Among his duties he maintains a database of all the software used onboard the station.  He has received numerous awards and recognition for the software he has created.  As a homeschool dad of five he enjoys helping kids develop a love for programming.


Nick Belbas
 FIRST Alumni
Mentor Since April 2018

Nick is one of the founding members of 404 and is a grizzled veteran with a total of 8 years in robotics, including at least a season all of FIRST's flagship programs. Nick specializes in programming and video with a side special of CAD and he is now attending Houston Baptist University for Cyber Engineering (He would love to get hired as an engineer or cybersecurity specialist--hint, hint) He will also continue to mentor both Error 404 and our ASSiST FLL teams in all things digital. In his free time (wait, that's a thing?), Nick enjoys filming, building servers, cybersecurity, and making apps.  

Age: 18

What was your favorite memory from robotics? I'd have to say that some of my favorite moments were from our last two seasons when we were at worlds. It's amazing to hear your team name get called as an inspire finalist!

Something Weird/Quirky: My daily driver is a black and white 2011 Crown Victoria P71, a retired police car from the Missouri City PD

Coach - John Belbas
Mentor Since September 2014

John obtained his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He currently works at GoodYear as Technical Manager. He is the team’s secondary coach and helps where ever needed.  Currently, he serves as scorekeeper for the SE Houston League.


Kris Lee
Mentor Since December 2017

Kris has been serving as an engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the past 18 years.  During his time at NASA, he has contributed to several important flight and research projects in the areas of software and systems engineering.  For the past 10 years, Kris has worked  on the topic of situ resource utilization which encompasses a broad range of technologies needed for humans to explore the Moon and Mars for extended periods of time.  Kris is passionate about elegant design and the pursuit of efficient and robust architectures on all of his projects.

Marc Granson
Mentor Since August 2017

Marc Granson received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota. After Graduation, he moved to Texas to work in the oil and gas industry first in hydraulic fracturing and later working with cutting edge fiber optic logging technology. Marc moved to Houston in 2008 to work for Lockheed Martin on NASA’s Cargo Mission Contract (CMC) as a Cargo Element Integrator and Design Engineer. When CMC shifted to a new mission, his hands on background led him to the Maintenance and Operations Lead position and later returning to Design Engineering. In 2017, Marc joined the Jacobs team as a Mechanical Design Engineer on the NASA’s JETS contract. 

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Chris Dalton
Mentor Since September 2018
Alan Bell
Mentor Since June 2015

Alan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a BS in Robotics Engineering from Lake Superior State University.  Alan worked for General Motors Corporation as a mass analyst for 3 years and then worked at Lockheed Martin for 5 years in the Robotic Lab.  He then went back to work at General Motors.  After two years of integrating robots in factory automation cells across the country and training skilled trades on the use of the robots he returned to Lockheed Martin then Jacobs in the same position in the Robotics lab.  In 2009 he became the group manager for the design and analysis folks.  Alan has supported FIRST for many years initially on engineering tasks and the last several years as a judge reviewing the engineering notebooks and interviewing students.


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Roxanne Tate
Mentor Since September 2018

Roxanne Tate graduated with a BBA in Management Information Systems from TAMU in College Station.  She started out as a management consultant with Ernst and Young LLP working with oil and gas companies such as Natural Gas Pipeline (NGPL), Houston and Agip Petroli, Italy.  She worked in consulting for 9 years on a variety of mid to large scale application development projects. One of these was an automotive dealership product with Dealer Solutions and Sterling McCall Toyota.  The resulting product was spun off and purchased by ADP.  As technology changed, she moved into internet technologies working on a SilverStream application with the Outage group at Reliant Energy and ecommerce website integration with a local startups.  In 2003 she hired on at St. Clare of Assisi Church where she worked for 7 years managing the parish and school technical infrastructure and associated applications.  She started homeschooling her kids and 2011 and became an FLL Coach for the 2016-2017 season and an FTC programming mentor in Spring 2017.  She enjoys sharing her love of the application development life cycle and inspiring kids to seek out technical careers.

David Young
Mentor Since September 2015

David is a software programmer from NRG. Our team met David during our Summer FLL workshops, as his daughter was enrolled in the class. He has provided financial assistance in securing a grant from NRG and has provided troubleshooting assistance for our new control system.