Build our Bot (2017/18)

Everybody has to start somewhere.  We understand that sometimes it is easier to start off season following instructions instead of starting from scratch to build a new one.  So, to help out new teams who would like to explore a new way to build a robot WITHOUT using one of the standard kits, we are sharing our robot from this season.

Note that the robot was built to compete in the FIRST Relic Recovery challenge for which you can find season info to the right side of this page.  Below this paragraph you will find our assembly instructions and CAD model.  We recommend you begin first by printing the assembly instructions and then pulling the CAD files as needed.  

FIRST Resources for FIRST Relic Recovery

Build Instructions (Gen 1 - March 2018)

Tools needed to build this bot:

-- 3D printer

-- Router

-- Electric or battery drill

-- Basic hand tools (pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

13.0 CAD Drawings

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