Matthew Steakley
Mentor Since September 2014

Matthew Steakley has a BBA in Economics and Finance from Texas Wesleyan University and is currently a Staff Consultant for UTSI International Corporation.  He has 23 years of experience with UTSI working with pipeline control systems including, programming, testing, integration, software design, audits, and project management in areas including automation, leak detection, alarm management, scheduling, security, specifications, and vendor evaluations.  Matthew has several previous robotics experiences including: 2 yrs coaching an Early Robotics Team, 1 yr coaching an ECOBot Team, and coaching an FLL team in 2007.  Currently, he is coach of the Resistance is Futile FLL team and is mentoring two FTC teams by providing programming consulting.  


Mentor and FIRST Alumni Since August 2017

Age:  18     

Number of years in robotics: 4

Number of years on team: 2

Enrico is a graduated member of Error 404 and a FIRST Alumni. He is attending college at Texas A&M

Why did you join robotics? I joined robotics because I wanted to explore a new activity that I wasn’t familiar with.

What did you enjoy most about robotics?  I enjoy building the robot and making sure all the parts work together

What was your favorite memory in robotics? My favorite memory about robotics is when I walked through the doors to the pit at the First Championship in St. Louis

What are your interests outside of robotics? I’m interested in canoeing and running audio at my church

What are your future goals? I would like to become an electrical or chemical engineer.

Something unique or quirky? I am an old soul.