The team's goal this season was to develop the robot in cycles using Agile Project Management techniques.  The first generation of the robot was planned with a minimum autonomous and an arm that could score two relics.  The second generation was planned to include the glyph collection and stacking.   

League Meets, San Jacinto College

Meet 1: Nov. 17, 2017

       Rank: 1/15

       Highest Alliance Score: 153

Meet 3: Jan. 6, 2018

        Rank: 1/16

        Highest Alliance Score: 277

League Championship, Jan 20

         Rank: 1/15

         Highest Alliance Score: 243

    Rank: 2/15

    Highest Alliance Score: 193


  • Inspire Award 1st place

  • Winning Alliance, 1st Team Picked

  • Finalist for:

    • Think Award

    • Connect Award

    • Innovate Award

    • Design Award

    • Motivate Award

Reinbot Qualifier, Hamsire Fannett High School

Last year, we mentored the rookie team, 11524 Team Name Wanted Dead or Alive, which was composed of five junior high students.  They were quick-studies last season and have blossomed this year as well. Going into eliminations at the Reinbot Qualifier, they were the top ranked team and we were second.  They chose us to be their alliance partner, and, together, we conquered the event coming out on top as the winning alliance.

Left:  meet our 2017-18 robot, Glyphord "GAR-E" Armstrong.

Right:  Meet the robot drivers - Mark, Gavin, and Nick.

SE Texas Regional Championship
Feb. 17, San Jacinto College

    Rank: 1/36

    Highest Alliance Score: 360


  • Capt. Winning Alliance

  • Inspire Award, 2nd Place

  • Think Award

  • Finalist for:

    • Connect Award

    • Innovate Award

    • Design Award

"GAR-E   2.0"


  • Autonomous: jewel, glyph in cipher column, park in safe zone

  • Deploy relic

  • Collect/stack glyphs

  • Park on balancing stone

South Super Regional Championship
March 7-10, 201: Athens, GA

    Rank: 30/36

    Highest Alliance Score: 


  • Think Award, 2nd Place

Houston World Championship
April 17-20, 2018; Houston, TX

   Rank: 51/64


  • Inspire Finalist (Yippe!)

During the 2017-18 South Super-Regional competition in Georgia, we were interviewed on the effects Hurricane Harvey had on our team and how we overcame them.

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