411 With 404 Education Portal

The FTC learning portal with FTC Team 8668 Error 404: Team Name Not Found

So What is This 411 Thing Anyways?

411 With 404 is a video and resource library for FTC that we’ve been putting together with the goal of being able to reach teams around the world. Error 404 has been a team for four years now and we've made a lot of mistakes and hit many trouble spots along the way and we would like to share what we've learned from overcoming these difficulties with you and your team. FTC is a lot of fun (the hardest fun you'll ever have :), but sometimes you run into something like how do I get these two phones I just bought to run a robot? Or I could really use a custom piece here, but Fusion 360 looks about as inviting as my chore list. These are the things that we want to help you and your team with. The things that are the foundation to actually doing the fun stuff but are really not fun to macgyver out. 

411 With 404 includes videos that we’ve made, downloadable templates for things like the notebook or scouting, links to resources from FIRST and other resources that we’ve found useful or that other teams have recommended to us all covering many key topics in FTC.