Sky Stone

The 2019-2020 FTC Season with Team 8668, Should Be Fine

This season we decided to change our name from Error 404: Team Name Not Found to Should Be Fine. We are a much different team this season and we wanted our name to reflect that. The other half of the rationale for changing the name is that when we're at competition, we're constantly saying "it should be fine..." in reference to the robot right before something goes really wrong.
This season we focused on using tried and true mechanisms and strategies with the core goal of building a high scoring robot guiding everything we did. We spent the design time up front to get our mechanisms right, or as close to right as possible, the first time. This manifested itself in our chassis and vertical lift needing very little modifications after the initial design cycle. The more dynamic mechanisms like the intake and horizontal lift, however, required more design and testing phases. 
We currently have two robots. Our gen 1 robot is our starting robot that we slowly built up through the season up to Regionals. Our gen 2 robot incorporates many larger mechanical modifications needed to further boost our robot performance, but which aren't practical to attempt on our gen 1 robot. Gen 2 was intended for the World Championship. Unfortunately, with FIRST canceling both World Championships, our gen 2 robot will be finished, but untried on the field of battle.